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When those first days at university go from amazing to uncomfortable

The first days at university are all play– it’s about experiencing a new-found freedom, navigating a new world on your own, socializing and partying with your new classmates… and maybe a bit about studying in between.

But for many, it’s also a time where big emotions come into play. Everyone is starting fresh, new groups are formed and reputations made. What you do – or don’t, can define your relationships and role on campus going forward. Feelings of nervousness, anxiety and the urge to be liked by everyone can take over. In those moments, it’s easy to make decisions that might cross the line – especially after one too many.

Copenhagen Business School wanted to ensure their new bachelor students got the best possible start while bringing their attention to the school’s standards for good behaviour. Advice has invented a series of new words, that mash common words together to form an obvious message. The outcome puts into focus those moments where boundaries are crossed and disrespect takes place.

Because everyone has the right to feel safe and included in their first days at university.