The journey of memorable customer experiences

VELUX is a strong brand present in numerous markets and digital platforms across the globe. So far, so good – but what do we do when the customers are present in even more places? The markets already had loads of research and marketing models to target the customers. Advice mapped the customers’ journeys and formed a general view of the customers’ reality in order to create strategic coherence. VELUX gained insight into the overall course of

their customers’ behavior through the infographically designed customer experiences and journeys for commercial target groups. Insight was also gained into the parts of the customers’ behavior that VELUX was not necessarily a part of at the time.

It provided a common framework for strategic decisions and tactical initiatives across departments and markets – and that is what mattered

  • Delivery: Customer experience and customer journey maps
  • Client: VELUX Group
  • Advice was responsible for: Analysis, co-creation and design



Birgitte Raben
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Goal-oriented collaboration across the organization is a prerequisite for fulfilling the potential. It means that when VELUX is working on a new digital marketing strategy, IT and marketing, as an example, is in close dialogue about designing the digital customer experience. Visions and platforms are connected when customer journey maps visualize places

where contact points and conversions can be optimized.
The plan for a new digital strategy initiated the iterative and involving process of developing customer journeys. The point of including stakeholders was to illustrate all perspectives, to align, and to embed. In this way, it was not just corporate marketing that unfolded a new model – it was joint property.