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Red Cross is the biggest humanitarian organization in the world. They are present all over the world and help the ones in need through professional competences and volunteer passion. Advice has been the lead agency for Danish Red Cross since 2012.

Advice collaborated with the fund-raising department and uncovered macro tendencies and drivers in the NGO market and defined a number of strategic objectives with which Red Cross can maintain and strengthen its position in an open world with new media and new rules of the game. Advice has developed unifying concepts for the annual nationwide collection #modkatastrofer (#againstdisasters)

and the Christmas campaign #godjultilalle (#merrychristmastoeveryone). The concepts are recyclable and can be adjusted year after year. They are used in numerous ways in the broad network of Red Cross’ volunteers and celebrity donors.

This is the way to make sure that the organization only has to spend time and effort on what it does best: fundraising and helping people in need. Furthermore, Advice continuously advises on the concept and its content in smaller and bigger campaigns – from Syria to Secure Births – and develops new products e.g. to businesses that wish to donate and go into collaboration with Red Cross.

  • Client: Red Cross in Denmark
  • Advice was responsible for: Strategic counseling, concept development, platforms for communication messages, campaign activities, core narrative, digital strategies – and so much more



Espen Højlund
CEO & Partner
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Birte Darting
Director & Partner
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Jeppe Nis Jensen
Creative Director
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Caroline Nauntofte
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