• Strategy
  • Conceptual platform
  • Visual brand identity
  • Package design

A masterbrand unifying the product portfolio of Royal Unibrew

We visited a central piece of Danish brewing history and rediscovered the core of the Royal Unibrew brand. Our journey developed into a story about the heritage and roots of the brand – communicated in the most important touch points – beer cans, bottles and labels. In order to tell the story about the Royal family and all its members, we scoured the story of each product. The heritage discovered was used specifically in the design solution. The brew star, which as an icon has symbolised beer brewing since the Middle Age, was relaunched as a consistent element in the design. In addition, we created a visual language to depict the special soul of each product.

We have given the Royal brand a differentiating identity allowing tradition and heritage to take up a prominent placement in a modern design.