Get to know your neighbors before you move in

What is the average age of my new neighbors, how far away is the nearest day-care center, and how have the house prices in the area developed lately?
All of these questions directly influence your final decision of whether or not to buy a house in a particular area.

The earlier a bank is involved in the home buying process, the greater is the chance of becoming the mortgagee.
This was the key insight in the challenge Spar Nord Bank gave Advice: How is the bank to retain clients, and how can it provide the best consulting in the complex and – for most customers – biggest financial decision of their life?

Based on a combination of insights and inputs from relevant collaborative partners, the solution came to be the Neighbor Report.

The Neighbor Report is a digital universe that enables users to search for an address and view relevant information about the neighborhood and the people living there: the average age of the neighbors, income, number of children, residence details, and distances in the area.

The Neighbor Report emphasizes Spar Nord Bank’s position as a local bank. When a potential customer generates a Neighbor Report, he is offered a meeting in the local bank with a locally known financial advisor who can qualify the data in the report. Spar Nord Bank is not just an active collaborative partner in relation to the financials anymore – it is a strong advisor in the whole process of mapping the customer’s needs when buying a new home.

Spar Nord Bank launched the Neighbor Report as the central point of a national campaign.

  • Delivery: Landing page concept and digital marketing
  • Client: Spar Nord
  • Advice was responsible for: Concept development, landing page, visual identity, creative digital marketing concept

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