More men have to survive cancer

Danish cancer patients do not live as long as the ones in Norway and Sweden. One of the reasons is that they are diagnosed too late. Therefore, it is important that Danes make a habit of going to the doctor’s earlier on.
They also need to learn the symptoms of cancer in order to know which signs to react on.T he lowest level of awareness of cancer symptoms is among men

and people with short-cycle educations. Advice and The Danish Cancer Society developed “The 7 Signs” campaign, and its purpose was twofold: Firstly, the importance of noticing the little signs and going to the doctor’s early on was emphasized. Secondly, the campaign was also to create awareness of the 7 signs in general.

  • Delivery: “The 7 Signs” awareness campaign
  • Client:Kræftens Bekæmpelse (The Danish Cancer Society)
  • Advice was responsible for:Concept development, PR and mobilizing networking activities


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