Art Director
+45 31 79 84 67

With an educational foundation based in the science of advertising, Dayna approaches visual design strategically, keeping the viewer top of mind. Who are we reaching, how are they using the product/service, and what do we want them to take away from the experience – are all themes that guide her design process. Dayna is passionate about utilizing visual storytelling to connect all of these components and thus enables meaningful impressions that hold more value for both the client and user. Dayna’s professional experience lies in digital design where she uses this knowledge and approach to create digital products that balance intuitive usability and aesthetic beauty.

In Advice, Dayna is a part of the digital design team working on visual concepts, web design, and interaction design.

She holds a Bachelor of Science in advertising with a concentration in graphic design from the University of Florida. She has experience working with major global clients such as GE, SAP, Danfoss, and Maersk.

Bonusinfo: Dayna loves to participate in extreme sports like hiking in wilderness, canyoning, and cliff jumping. She is definitely not afraid of heights or taking risks!