Emoji keyboard for a couple of crazy talented guys

Citybois is a Danish pop duo consisting of Anthon Edwards Knudtzon and Thor Blanchez Farlov. Citybois became well known in the Danish song contest-talent show X Factor in 2015 in which they came in fourth.

Sony Music Entertainment and Citybois wanted to boost the launch of the duo’s new EP in December 2015. It had to be something new and different that their fans would be able to interact with. Together we developed CITYMOJIS: An emoji keyboard with 13 emoji-like pictures of Thor and Anton along with 6 words that they often use when talking to each other and to their fans.

For example, “to be Granola” means to be cool as a Copenhagener in the exactly right way, whereas “Lator” is about manipulating other people to take a view similar to yours. Combining this with the guys’ faces is perfect in a message correspondence, since it is already full of emojis, stickers, gifs, etc.

In addition, emojis have never been this popular: In 2015 “Face with Tears of Joy” was nominated word of the year in Oxford Dictionary and right before Christmas 2015, Kim Kardashian launched her “KIMOJIS”.

On January 1st, 2016, CITYIMOJIS had its Danish premiere and became number 1 on AppStore right away. The launch video for the app was simultaneously posted on Facebook where it got over 230,000 views within the first week.

Only days after the app launch, it was praised by Jes Dorph Pedersen, the TV host of the popular evening show GO’Aften Danmark.
The app is available in both AppStore and Google Play. It is developed in collaboration with AppMonk, and the illustrations are made by Gabriel Diaz.

  • Delivery: App and app launch video
  • Client: Sony Music Entertainment & Citybois
  • Advice was responsible for: Concept development, design, video direction, animation, and project management

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Camilla Berlick
Art Director
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