Are you GAME?

GAME is one of the coolest non-profit organizations in Denmark. Since 2002 GAME has worked to make street sports available to all children and young people in Denmark. The urban open place is ideal for sports activities, and it gives you the freedom to decide when and where to exercise.

It benefits the children that do not have the resources or wish to participate in sports in mainstream clubs. Street sports have become very popular in recent years, and many sports organizations – including well-established ones – have shown an interest in the young urban people.

GAME needed to “claim its territory” and as a result of many new concepts and activities, it also needed to establish a strong common platform to grow from – domestically as well as internationally.

In collaboration with GAME and a selected number of volunteers, Advice developed a new brand with the following manifesto: “We Love Asphalt.” Authentic pictures of volunteers and the iconography of the footprint pay tribute to the love for the city and the asphalt. Everything comes together in a differentiating brand platform and visual identity – and it is executed in a new website, social media platform, and creative marketing concept.

  • Assignment: New brand platform and visual identity
  • Client: GAME
  • Advice was responsible for: Brand platform, brand architecture, visual identity, creative marketing concept, website, social media



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